Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care

Quality prenatal care is important to help you have a healthy baby.

At OBGYN Associates, we believe the best prenatal care doesn’t just focus on health – but extends to other elements of your life: your partner, family, nutrition and more.

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Prenatal Care Q & A

Q: What Is Obstetrics?

A: While gynecology covers women’s reproductive health over a lifetime, Obstetrics specifically relates to the care and treatment of pregnant women. Obstetricians additionally specialize in gynecology and provide care to women throughout their lives. While a woman is pregnant, the obstetrician performs certain services including:
· Answering any questions about pregnancy, fetal development, and labor and delivery
· Monitoring the health of the mother and developing baby during routine visits
· Helping patients with common pregnancy complaints including heartburn, leg and back pain, and morning sickness

Q: How Often Does a Woman Need to See Her Obstetrician While She’s Pregnant?

A: Most women are advised to see their doctor every month for the first seven months, then biweekly for the next eight weeks, and then weekly until the baby is born. Women at higher risk for health complications are seen more often. High-risk pregnancies occur when the health of the mother or baby is compromised and could result in injury or death to mother or child. Some of the conditions that cause high-risk pregnancies include:
· High blood pressure or diabetes (either pre-existing or developing during pregnancy)
· Smoking
· Overweight or obese patients
· Alcohol or drug use
· Older age
· A history of miscarriages
· Being pregnant with multiple babies (twins and more)
· Having certain diseases or complications

Q: What Happens During a Prenatal Appointment? 

A: The prenatal evaluation includes several health checks such as blood work, obtaining weight and blood pressure, and collecting urine samples. As the pregnancy progresses, Once the exam is complete, expectant mothers will receive advice on what to expect during the few weeks until their following appointment. ObGyn Associates encourages their patients to make use of these visits to foster a partnership with the doctors for the benefit of both their health and the health of the newborn child. Pregnancy is a journey that we are honored to guide our patients through and we are always willing to answer questions, explain the bodily changes experienced, and to provide information about the developing baby.

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